Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As of today it is save to say that Colonel Gaddafi is no longer dictator of Lybia.

In a way he will be missed. In modern history Gaddafi was the political leader that came closest to being a work of art.

Not only were Gaddafi's extravagantly dressed performances and speeches a memorable happening, also his personal bodyguards - the Revolutionary Nuns - were proof of great aesthetical freedom.

Best remembered might be his silent protest during his visit to Berlusconi's Italy; the first official visit since the colonisation of Lybia by Italy (1911-1940's).
Pinned to the dictators chest was a photo of Libyan guerrilla leader and freedom fighter Omar al Mukhtar, arrested by Italian colonial troops in 1931.
Clearly Berlusconi was more impressed by the bodyguards.

Filmmaker Rania Ajami made a movie about these modern Amazon Warriors: see trailer.

Colonel Gaddafi visits President Berlusconi in 2009

Omar al Mukhtar

Revolutionary Nuns

Killer Virgins


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